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Red Packet Designs

Red packet designs are the best way for corporate brands to stand out during Chinese New Year. Red Packet (also known as Hong Bao) is a monetary gift packaged in a "red" envelop traditionally given out during Chinese New Year. Every "Red packet" embodies good luck and well wishes and now over the years, red packets can be seen given out during any joyous occasions such as birthdays, baby full moon, house warming and so on. Imagine how nice it will be for your company to be always remembered during these happy moments.
Every corporate company wants their red packet to look the best and the competition for Red packet designs can get red and fiery! It can be hard to stand out among the sea of red packets out there. Pushing the envelope of traditional paper packet designs, we look into designing and producing beyond paper. Whether in ultrasuede fabric or faux leather,  we are out to make a statement with our designs.

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