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Customised Property Handover Kit

Buying a dream home is a special experience. Therefore, we know the importance of giving your customer a rewarding home buying experience through a customised property handover kit. We ensure your keys, air conditioner remote controls, documents are presented in a beautiful way. We make sure each kit is unique, custom to your very needs. With a customised property handover kit, the home buying experience extends all the way to the day the buyer moves into the apartment.

A home is likely the most expensive purchase that a person will make in their lifetime. The home buying experience is already fraught with many decisions and choices that a buyer will confront.  The customer journey is almost as important as the purchase itself, as impressions will be formed depending on the customer journey. It is therefore important to pay attention to the entire customer journey including all the way to the very end when buyers collect their keys and move in to their dream home. That is where a customised property handover kit can top off a hugely satisfying buying experience. 

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Instead of an ordinary off the shelf handover kit, create a lasting impression and convey your brand story and brand attributes by creating a bespoke one of a kind customised property handover kit. There are many intangible benefits of a customised property handover kit: It is a unique gift for your customers that is also functional and reusable; it reflects your brand position and delivers your corporate message; it offers a rich and memorable customer journey experience.

A well-designed customised property handover kit makes an excellent brand statement. Buyers will feel the quality of the leather, the precision of the stitching, the detailed thought and effort that went into creating a bespoke item that will last as long as their home.

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