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Personalised Leather Gifts

One of the most elegant ways to make your gift special is with leather personalisation. It is a simple yet meaningful way to create a one of-a-kind item.

Personalisation is a way to convey to the recipient of your gift that you really took the effort to create something special. Giving a Personalised Leather Gift to your customers is a sign that you treat them as individuals, and that you cared enough to take that little extra step to make them feel special. This allows your brand to be associated with a positive experience and increases your brand equity.


personalised leather gifts 1.jpg
Personalised leather Initials

At Uncommon Courtesy, we offer a range of personalisation. From deboss personalisation, which is where solid brass dies are pressed into the leather, to foil personalisation that brings your product a shining sparkle or a subtle note, we can do it all! Foil personalisation also offers you more options and flexibility as you can choose a foil colour that works well with the receiver’s personality. While we offer other personalisation such as embroidery and silk screen printing. We advise all our clients to choose deboss and foil to keep the authentic feel and look of leather. Classic and modern is the best way to go for personalised leather gifts.

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