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Customised Gift Box

Sometimes one gift is not enough to present a whole experience. This is where we offer a variety of gifts in a Customised Gift Box. Each item within each box is carefully selected and curated.  Each final gift box will be unique to your brand. 
Gift boxes containing a package of beauty essentials, handy items or other thoughtful products are always a great way to show your employees, customers or prospects that you care and can be a great way to add value to your brand. Stand out from your competitors by creating your own Customised Gift Box. The person who receives the gift will surely be delighted with the attention to detail and the personal touch. We work with paper boxes, tin boxes, wood boxes and many more.
As a gift to customers and prospects, Customised Gift Boxes are a powerful branding tool that forms associations of creativity, care, and sophistication with them, creating a memorable lasting impression. 

UNC custom gift box.jpg

Good packaging is just as important as the product itself. Think of how you felt opening the customised box to your new smart phone. Or when you bought a bottle of your favourite perfume and discovered the pretty box that holds the bottle. Customised Gift Boxes give that same emotion and feeling, strong positive associations with your brand. Creative and original Customised Gift Boxes allow your brand to rise above other brands. 

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