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If you google – “Corporate Premium gifts Supplier Singapore” you will find an endless list!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

How do you sift through the clutter to find the right Corporate premium Gift supplier for your brand?

How do you find the right Corporate premium Gift supplier for your brand?

Here are some tips that we would like to share with our clients to help them choose the best corporate gifts supplier for their corporate gifting.

1) What do you want to give? Do you have any ideas? Is this an item you can find in the market?

If you are looking for another notebook or umbrella, you can easily look for suppliers that sell just that.

If you do not have a concrete idea about your corporate gift or the item that you have in mind is more unique then you will need to look for suppliers that offer bespoke or customization services. These suppliers will usually help you design and create your ideal gift. Suppliers that offer bespoke and customization services should help you come up with an idea and tailor-make that gift just for your brand. A specially designed corporate gift makes for an amazing experience when given to your customers, partners, employees, or any other special individual.

2) Quality; What type of gift-quality is good enough for your clients?

Never skimp on quality for the price, it is crucial to pick a supplier that is dependable. One can probably discern this from the clients they work with, the products that they produce, the review of the supplier, and the price points of products offered. Knowing this information will give you a good idea of the strengths of the supplier and the quality of their sources. You do not want your clients to equate your brand with poor quality. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the supplier you choose does not compromise on quality.

3) Delivery

This is probably a criterion that is difficult to evaluate in the beginning when engaging with any business. It is of utmost importance to know if the corporate gifts supplier can deliver the goods on time? Timely delivery is critical to any project. There is no point in receiving the goods if they are not delivered to you when needed.

Hence, it is important to review the timelines between you and your supplier. A good supplier should be one that can execute their ideas in a timely manner, achieve each milestone and be realistic in their delivery. They will provide you with a set date of product delivery and live up to their word as a professional. Don’t just go with a supplier that says they can bring you the moon within an impossible timeframe. Moreover, if your supplier cannot provide you a clear delivery date or appears to be vague about the delivery details, take it as a red flag.

4) Style

As designers, this is an important point that we pay close attention to. Every supplier (those that design corporate gifts and not just middlemen importers) has a certain style that speaks to their company DNA. Look out for the styles on the products offered. Their websites should give you an insight into their taste and style. If their products are designed and presented in the way that you like, then very likely you will like your gift too. Fashion essentials such as T-shirts and denim have been around for a long time, but even a slight change in design and style changes its look! It is therefore important to closely evaluate the style of the Corporate Premium Gift suppliers to ensure it matches yours.

At Uncommon courtesy, our goal as a corporate gifts supplier is to dazzle our clients with the most premium and contemporary styles for any bespoke present of their choice. We do not operate with few set styles and designs for we understand that that would limit the options for our clients as well. Our job as a corporate gifts supplier, Singapore, is to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity to craft valuable bespoke gifts for our clients.

5) Service and Communication

A premium Corporate Gift supplier should provide good service, be able to communicate and troubleshoot any issues and help resolve them in a timely manner. As a client, you want to be updated along the way.

As a Corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, Uncommon Courtesy aims to deliver the best corporate premium gifts to our customers. We make sure the entire gift experience from coming up with the idea of the gift to its delivery to be as seamless as possible. We are not just a corporate gift supplier but we act as an extension to your marketing team to help you resolve and provide solutions to your needs. If you are interested to learn more and discover how we can help, please drop us an email.

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