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Giving out red packet each Chinese New Year is the best way for Corporate Brands to stand out.

We are proud that The Peak featured our client Ferrari's corporate gift as an example of good design that made a strong impression with their customers.

Ferrari Red Packet design 2021
Red Packet Gift Box

A well-designed corporate gift is an often overlooked branding and marketing tool that can effectively form a bond with your customers and create a favourable impression.

Ferrari Red Packet Design 2021
A set of 10 in each box set

This CNY red packet design from Uncommon Courtesy conveyed an elegant and sophisticated minimalist look produced with high-quality materials, in line with the Ferrari brand.

Embroidery; Italian Flag Colors.
Italian Flag Color Embroidery

Each red packet is hand sewn with embroidery detail in Ultrasuede fabric.

Ferrari Logo Embroidery in silver thread.
Ferrari Prancing Horse Logo

Embroidered Ferrari "Prancing Horse" Logo.

Check out the Peak Magazine article here.

Feel free to contact us anytime to let us propose effective and engaging corporate premiums that will strengthen your brand presence and create a delightful customer experience. Email us today.

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