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Why are Custom Made Gifts Getting Popular During the Pandemic?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Not every custom design gift is alike! Some gifts have an incredible staying power as compared to others. The custom gifts continue to make an impression of your brand even long after it has been gifted.

Though the world is going through a global pandemic, giving gifts still goes on. In fact, it is growing as more people like to show appreciation or provide comfort towards their loved ones when they can't meet physically.

Personalized Gifts are Trending

Gifts are given all around the year, especially on special occasions. This year the world has spent many important events in lockdown such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, birthdays, and many more.

People are focusing more on custom-design gifts especially with personalisation. It acts as a gentle reminder that you are not just thinking of anyone but a special someone during this difficult time.

As the pandemic has created a lot of anxiety, we are reminded that the world is temporary. By giving gifts that are meaningful and express care, you can help comfort and lessen the anxiety of your family and friends. Personalised gift is always one-of-a-kind that helps to maintain and reinforces a relationship.

The Potential of Personalisation in Corporate Gifts

When you think of personalised gifts, the first-thought might be old-fashioned bath towels or novelty items customised with the recipient's name. However, the meaning of "personalisation" has evolved over time. Designing around the function of the gift and creating an experience just for the receiver is also form of personalisation.

The same thing applies to corporate gifts, over 70% of people had negative feelings about a corporate gift at least once. The reason is they think very little, or no thought has been put into the gift. Large logo across the front of the product where you ask yourself, is that a gift for the company or me? The best corporate gifts must be personal and thoughtful, clearly depict the message and purpose by representing your relationship with the client.

Staying Power of Custom Design Gifts

Here are two significant factors you need to consider while choosing customised gifts to ensure they stick around for a long time.


A key aspect of choosing a gift for any purpose is to identify the usefulness of the product. If you want the product to have staying power, you must understand why the recipient should keep it and use it. Understand what the recipient likes to do and gift something that the person always appreciates.


People don't keep low-quality gifts for a long time even if they are useful. When sending out gifts, always try to maintain a certain level of quality otherwise it will only become a poor reflection of the sender and detract from the gift value.

Here are some useful tips to make a custom-made gift.

● Personalise it

The perfect way to make your gifts memorable and unique is to personalise them. Take your time to know more about your recipient to come up with a gift relevant to their personal or professional lives.

Also include a thoughtful handwritten note addressed to the recipient, as it makes the other person feel more sincere and heartfelt.

● Unique One-to-One Gift

One to one marketing is about creating relationships with people through personal approaches. You can tailor experiences for people based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours. To understand your recipient better, you can try to do more research through their social media accounts.

● Unique One-to-Many Gifts

One to many marketing targets a group of people instead of sending a gift individually. It is a broader approach and outreach, but you can still make the gifts personalised. Consider which industry you are targeting and what type of items will be relevant to their industry.

A custom-made gift related to one's profession can serve a purpose in everyday use; it will stay in their minds for a long time.

How Can The Uncommon Courtesy Improve Your Corporate Gifting?

Personalised gifts leave an everlasting impression on a person’s mind, and they tend to remember it for a long time. At The Uncommon Courtesy, we specialise in designing unique corporate gifts to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

From design to packaging, we craft custom-made gifts and strategies according to your audience to make the gift that much more impactful by paying attention to your brand details so that your customers and clients will feel special and remembered.

Connect with our team today, Uncommon Courtesy.

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