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Customised Corporate Gifts, Your doubts answered here!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We know that when you are embarking on the journey of creating a luxurious, bespoke gift for your customers, it can be an unfamiliar process full of questions. There are a number of things you want to consider, from price to quality, and when it is your first ever experience in such an endeavor, the myriad of options to choose from can baffle you.

However, corporate gifting does not have to be an exhausting or risky business. First-time jitters and confusions aside, seeing your corporate gift idea gets translated into a real-life finished product can be an amazing experience. Not to mention, the smiles and thankful gestures you get to witness when you give away those gifts.

So, to put your mind at ease and make the process less scary let us debunk the 3 most popular misconceptions many of our clients have when they first start sourcing for Customised Corporate Gifts in Singapore.

Questions and Answers on customised corporate gifting.
Let us answer your deepest doubts here

‘A luxury bespoke corporate gift would be too expensive.’

Customized Corporate Gifts in Singapore do NOT have to be extremely expensive. While it is true that Uncommon Courtesy products represent an investment into your client experience, it is often not as expensive as you might think and you will happy to know that you can afford it. Of course, even if you still feel concerned about the pricing, we are always happy to make cost-effective adjustments to designs and reimagine our materials to fit your budget. Our designers enjoy working within and around constraints - whatever the challenge, we’ll happily take it on. The end result, no matter the budget, is a beautiful, bespoke customized corporate gift.

So fret not our precious customers, for what would be the point of us crafting unique customized corporate gifts (Singapore) if our customers could not afford them. Hence, if you are considering dropping the idea of gifting your clients an extraordinary bespoke gift just because you think you won’t be able to afford it, we’re here to tell you that is not true. In fact, it is not necessary for a bespoke present to be costly in order to be great. What makes a corporate bespoke gift special is not the amount of money but the thought and effort that went into its idea and creation.

‘Customised Corporate Gifts; Delivery will take too long.’

A made-to-order and fully customised bespoke design will always take a little while longer to get delivered than an off-the-shelf product. And you’re not wrong, because a tailor-made bespoke gift will definitely require some time to reach perfection, however, that does not mean suppliers cannot work within deadlines.

While we think the inspiring, customized, and bespoke designs are always worth every second spent on their creation, we, at Uncommon Courtesy,are happy to work with you and our suppliers to minimize our timeline. We encourage clear and direct communication with our customers to work out the details of every order, which includes the delivery time. If you are placing your trust in us by letting us bring your unique ideas to life, we will work hard to make the experience perfect for you and will avoid jeopardizing that trust by delayed product deliveries at any cost.

Moreover, in order to further assist our customers in their of choosing the best customised corporate gifts (Singapore), we now offer customized gift boxes as well. These boxes are curated gifts that are handpicked but are brought together in a unique packaging with your branding.

Please check out our service ; "customised gift box.”

‘Custom corporate gifts require large qty.’

Although there is some truth to this thought, however, that does not mean nothing can be worked around it. Whilst we can take in small orders as well, we will still always advise and encourage our clients to order up an appropriate quantity that can take advantage of economies of scale to perfectly balance the price per item to fit within your budget. A bulk quantity, on the other hand, also benefits you in terms of pricing.

In any case, we are always looking for different ideas and ways to work around this. While a fully bespoke gift will require a higher minimum order quantity, you can always alter your customized corporate gift choice so you do not have to forcefully get a larger quantity. For instance, to get you out of this pickle we urge you to check out our customised gift box collection which comprises of curated gifts at a lower minimum.

Please do not hesitate to inquire more about our variety of customised corporate gifts and leave us an email with any queries.

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